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metoda 1 pt a proteja servarul de hackeri

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metoda 1 pt a proteja servarul de hackeri

Mesaj Scris de SinK` la data de Sam Ian 01, 2011 6:16 pm

HLGuard 1.8
HLGuard is a server-side anti-cheat system for Half-Life and it's many MODs. Originally developed under the name CSGuard by OLO before moving to United Admins who adapted it for use with all HL mods, the project has now been given a new home here at TZP where we plan to further develop it's features and introduce new detection methods.

Main features include:

* Aimbot detection
* Wallhack blocking
* Alias detection
* Cvar enforcement
* Name banning
* Built-in Steambans client
* SkyWalk Guard System

The list goes on. It also provides a customisable output for logs, so you can output in any format you want, this can be useful for displaying caught cheaters on your website.

Upgrading users from before 1.7 please note: Due to the changes in the internal structure, we strongly recommend that you either delete or rename your HLGuard folder before installing HLGuard 1.7 or newer!

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