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metoda 3 pt a proteja servarul de hackeri

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metoda 3 pt a proteja servarul de hackeri

Mesaj Scris de SinK` la data de Sam Ian 01, 2011 6:17 pm

HL Guard 1.60
Server Commands:

hlguard - displays hlguard settings [set hlguard settings]
mode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6
bitmask: bitmask of the modes to be enabled. 0 to disable HLGuard.

hlg_action ":" ""
adds an action to link to checked aliases
flag: Identifier for this action
found/not found: whether the alias checked by hlg_check's linked with this action are detected or not detected
command: command to execute if conditions are true

hlg_aimbot ""
adds an action for aimbot detections

hlg_check ":" ""
adds an alias to scan for
alias: alias to scan for
description: name of cheat
flags: flags to link this check with

hlg_clexec <#|> ""
executes a command on a number of clients
userid: the unique userid of a player
uniqueid: Steam ID

resets hlguard [ignores any hlg_loadmode commands while reloading and loads mode net/lan/league]

hlg_log ""
logs a string to both the current server log file and the HLG log file.
hlg string: text string with % variable support

hlg_menucvar "" "" ""
adds a menu spot to hlg_menu under the server cvar part
cvar: a cvar, hlg_delay for example.
step: step increase within 0 and

hlg_menucmd "" ""
adds a menu spot to hlg_menu under the server commands part

hlg_menuplayer "" ""
adds a menu spot to hlg_menu under the player commands part

hlg_agreement ""
adds a line to the agreement or shows the current agreement

hlg_write ""
writes a message to the current hlg_writefile

hlg_conncommand ""
adds a command to the list of commands to be executed on clients when connecting

hlg_exec ""
executes a normal config file or a z config file with % variable support.

lists all files executed with hlg_exec

hlg_blockcommand ""
blocks a client command when used, or shows current blocked commands (Note: Not all commands can be blocked)

loads net/lan/league mode, should only be used once

performs a manual config update

hlg_swzone mod
hlg_swzone map
hlg_swzone point1
hlg_swzone point2
hlg_swzone point3
hlg_swzone point4
hlg_swzone point5
hlg_swzone point6
hlg_swzone point7
hlg_swzone point8
hlg_swzone method
hlg_swzone add
mod: short name of mod (cstrike, tfc, ...)
map: map without file type ending (de_dust, rock2, ...)
x/y/z: origin in game world (246, -284, ...)
method: 0 = none, 1 = block, 2 = block + force no beams
sets a setting for the next box or creates it

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